Boost Your PC performance-How to Guide

It is frustrating, when you sit down to work, doing something important, and your computer takes long processing time for every possible instruction you give. A great amount of dissatisfaction is felt when these electronic devices work slow. The mobile phones and the computers are the two devices where the user wants results with the click of a button and in a fraction of a second.

Over a period of time the speed of these devices specially computers go very slow. A variety of reasons that can be traced for Poor performance are:

  • Hard drive space not enough
  • Too many unused programs on the disk
  • Outdated versions of the operating system
  • Outdated version of the drivers installed

Tips To Boost Your PC performance

1)There are lots of ways to Boost Your PC performance and improve the performance even without changing the hardware. One of the biggest and the common reason for a slow PC is the presence of virus, a malicious program that affects your PC speed. The virus eats your PC speed by using the computer resources and it also corrupts the system hardware and its software. Installing a good antivirus or even installing some basic antivirus would surely improve the speed and would accelerate the speed.

2)Having lots of load on your hard disk drive also slows the speed of your PC. The PC needs 5GB of free space to work and if you do not have then the speed is affected. The solution in such scenario is simple which is either to remove the unwanted files or transfer them to any other external hard disk especially the audio, video and the image files that occupy a lot of space.

3)Having too many shortcuts or having too many unused icons on the desktop or unused files all are substantial reasons for a slow PC. It is essential to reduce this clutter by deleting it. There is always a set of junk files created when you work on the internet especially when you download files, install programs or even when you uninstall programs. It is extremely essential to remove these junk files once the task is done to ensure better performance.

4)Disk defragmentation utility in the windows operating system is one of the best ways to improve your system performance. It is seen that over a period of time you perform certain activities like creating a file, modifying a file or deleting a file due to which your files get scattered on the disk. It becomes time consuming for the system to retrieve such files so the disk defragmentation utility enables to fragment the scattered file. It can be used once in a week for better performance

5)The disk cleanup utility can also be used to clean all the unused and unwanted temporary files created at the time of using the internet. Also it cleans all the files in the trash that are no longer required. So implementing some of the few tips mentioned above can surely give you a better PC performance.


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