Create Windows 8 Bootable USB – How to Guide

There are number of ways for installing an operating system to your computer. Most of the people do it by using bootable CD/DVD of windows. But we really don’t need to install windows very frequently and because of this , it is so difficult to put this bootable disc on safe place and remember where you have kept it when needed. Here are steps to make Windows 8 Bootable USB.

Also , number of times when you are installing window you see some error saying that some of the necessary installation file is missing from the disc and setup can not be continued. All this happens because of scratches present on disc surface since disc is too old to use.

Windows 8 Bootable USB

Apart from all these , Not all Computers have working CD or DVD Drives. This creates a big issue for those who want to install operating system via Disc method,So today here i bring a easy tutorial to Create Windows 8 Bootable USB .

How to Create Windows 8 Bootable USB

I here Assume that you already have ISO image of Windows 8 or 7 of which you want to Create Bootable Pendrive.

Step 1 :Download Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool and install it.

This tool is available for free from Microsoft Corporation as well so you can get it from there too. Despite its name, this tool works with Windows 8 ISOs as well. You can use this tool for any version of Windows.

Step 2:After downloading and installing the tool, Run it , now you need to Browse and give the path where the ISO  file is located in your computer.

Step 3:Now select whether you want to create a bootable DVD for windows or you want it to be a bootable pendrive. Here you need to select USB device because you want to make bootable pendrive.

Step 4: Browse and select the pendrive which you want to make bootable. Make sure that the pendrive has atleast 4 gb free . Now click on Begin Copying.

Step 5:Once you begin copying , the tool will start creating bootable Windows 8 USB installer flash drive using the Windows 8 ISO. Let this process complete , lastly when you see the message “Bootable USB Device created successfully”, you can restart your PC and boot from the USB drive.

So this was my Quick tutorial on how to Create Windows 8 Bootable USB, Hope this will help you.

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