Customize folders with different colors in Windows

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There are many softwares available today over the internet which can Customize your Computer in an efficient manner that it looks so attractive as well as it becomes very easy to use. We always want our computer to be clean and well organized so that whenever we need to access something or need to search a particular file/folder in our computer we could find it easily.

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As similar to that, here I am going to share a software through which you can easily assign your favorite colors to your desired folders in order to differentiate them easily and to ease of access.

Customize folders with colors

How do i Customize folders with different colors ?

Just follow the two simple steps given below to customize your folder :

Step 1 :

First of all Download and install the software FolderColorizer. It is tested and 100% virus free. You can download it from here : DOWNLOAD FOLDERCOLORIZER

Step 2 :

Now after installing the software, simply right click on any folder which you wish to customize. Here when you right click on folder, you will see a new option in the context menu i.e. Colorize !. Now simply go to that option and one submenu will appear. Now choose any color you want to assign to this folder.

Although it is a free software for everyone to use it but while you will use this software for the very first time , it will just ask your email id for activation of this software. But no need to worry because you wont need to confirm the activation by logging in to your e mail account. Even if you don’t wish to share your e mail id with developers of this software you can do it because product will be activated automatically once you enter any email id. So you can also enter any fake id if you want.

For your convenience I am providing you a screenshot of above mentioned procedure for changing folder color :

Customize folders with different Colors

In this way you will be able to easily organize folders in any of your drive weather C: , D: or any other drive. You can also assign different colors to several folders in the same drive to give it more attractive and cool looks.

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