5 Things to Do while Internet Downtime

First of all A Very Happy New Year to all Smarttricks Readers, Many a times We Panic when our Internet is down, So better you Plan about Things to Do while Internet Downtime. You are an Internet addict ? Then you might have a Hard time during Internet Downtime, So today i will list some Basic Tips On things to do when you are unable to access Internet.

Things to Do while Internet Downtime

5 Things to Do while Internet Downtime

1) Play Games and Listen to Music:

People Normally tend to Play games while Thier Internet is down, but if you play games online, then Thats  an issue for you. Listening to your Favourite Music is not a bad idea as well. Gaming and music are the best option according to me to cut the internet downtime. 

2) Repair Your Computer :

Most of us Dont bother to Repair our Computer While we are on internet, The best time to Clean your PC is when your Internet is down. Do bother to Defrag your Hard disk, Check your Hard disk for Errors , Repair if found any, Manage your Files systematically, Uninstall unwanted Softwares, Delete Unnecessary Files and Folders, Use Registry Softwares to Analyze and Repair your System Registry. This will tuneup your PC. Now Check your Internet if its up.

 3) Clean Computer Peripherals:

Remember When your Mom Use to say ” If you use Computer, even learn to Clean it Regularly” And you just ignore it, Yes my Friend this is the Right time to Clean Your Keyboard, Mouse, CPU Case and other Peripherals you see Dirty. One of the Best Things to do while Internet Downtime.

 4) Spend time with your Family Members:

If you have already done above 3 things and still your internet is down then Spend Some Quality time With your Family Members, Most of the time We are on Internet and We Don’t Spend Value time with Parents and Siblings, This Doesn’t Mean you Ignore them when internet is up, after all They pay for your Internet J/K .

 5) Go for a Walk :

This is the Best Thing to Do if your Internet is down, Internet Users Don’t tend to Take a Walk out, Just Disconnect from your Online Life and Enjoy the Fresh Air Outside.

Bonus Tip: While going for a Walk, Don’t Forget to Take your laptop along , You may Stumble on an open WIFI network :p .

So these are the Basic but Usefull Tips on Things to Do while Internet Downtime, I hope this will help and You Enjoyed the article.

  1. Reply Rahul November 8, 2014 at 4:33 pm

    Nice idea, I use to draw when internet is down.

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    Really thanks for suggestions

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    hey this is cool, i love it

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    tanq for sugestion

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    thanx for valuable suggestions

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    Bonus Tip :D

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