How to Edit a PDF file Easily

People prefer to create their documents in PDF format such as invoices, letters, presentations and legal forms etc. But many times the pdf documents needed some variations to be done or sometimes they have several mistakes. As it cannot be simply edited in Adobe reader or Adobe viewer where you are viewing it, you need to do something special to edit it according to your requirements.

But unfortunately there is no free desktop tool available to perform this function accurately. Although there are some softwares available which have ability to edit pdf files but all of them are demanding hundreds of dollars and nobody is providing them for free. Still here I am sharing some ways to Edit a PDF file


Below are Some Methods to Edit a PDF file

Method 1 : Using pdf to word convertor

Download any PDF to word convertor software from internet.

It is easily available over there. Convert your pdf document into .doc or .docx format and after conversion open it in Ms office or Open office and here you can edit the text or images in that file. Later when you finish editing you can again convert it into pdf file using Word to pdf convertor.

For downloading pdf to word convertor software you can simply google it. Accuracy of documents after conversion may vary depending on the software you are using and its version.

Method 2 : Converting pdf to word online

If you don’t want to download and try many softwares for conversion , you can simply do it online. CutePDF-Editor  is one websites offering this service of converting documents online. You can always use google for more such website.

cutepdf editor
All you have to do is to upload your pdf file to any conversion website and download its corresponding word file after it gets processed. Once you receive it in word format you can edit it using any word processor software.

Also for converting word file back to pdf format you can reverse the process and do it online. It is a bit time consuming process because it requires an internet connection , uploading and downloading of file but if you don’t need to convert pdf files regularly , it is a good option rather than installing unnecessary softwares for doing this.


Method 3 : Using Non-Free Tools

Finally, if you edit PDF files daily and the above solutions are not sufficient for you there are also plenty of commercial PDF editors. Unfortunately, many of these programs can cost several hundred dollars but they will assure you the unmatchable quality and user friendly interface for editing the documents.


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