What is Runtime Error r6034 and How to Fix It?

I’ve been using Picasa 3.9.137 for Windows 7 for several years without mishap until a week ago, when my once reliable PC suddenly malfunctioned.

When it started up or Windows rebooted, my PC showed an error message on its screen. Titled Microsoft Visual C++ Library, the message shows Runtime Error r6034, and informed me that an application had failed to load the C runtime library correctly.

“An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly. Please contact the applications’ support team for more information”.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Picasa but doing so did nothing that could help me with correcting the error, so I searched online for how to fix my problem. I refused to throw away my beloved PC just yet.

Luckily, after looking feverishly for several minutes for a way to fix my computer, I not only learned what this errror r6034 is but also how to fix it.You could only imagine the stress I felt while looking for a way to fix my computer.  How could I work while my PC was broken?

I believe such a misfortune shouldn’t happen to anybody,In my case it was Picasa but you may face this error with any XYZ Application. so here’s what I learned about this Error.

What is Runtime Error r6034?

Believe it or not, it is a common kind of computer error.

Runtime Error r6034

As I’ve described it already, this computer error

The issues that can cause this error  are: Appears on the screen as a message box. It informs the user of the error and that gives him a definition of what the error is.

In other words, it tells the user that an error has occurred and describes it to him.

  • Software issues
  • Application conflicts
  • Memory usage faculty
  • Conflicts between the Terminate and Stay Resident programs

How Do I Fix a Runtime Error r6034?

There are several ways of fixing this troublesome error, and they are all relatively easy to learn.

Here are the do-it-yourself (DIY) ways:

  • Run a Full Registry scan, Use third Party Software to do it and repair registry
  • Disable all the Startup applications
  • Rename all the dynamic link library (DLL) files on your computer
  • Re-install Picasa or iTunes or any XYZ program and other related programs
  • Start your system in safe mode.

Here are the ways where you would need help or that would require you to use certain software:

  • Use a reputable antivirus software tool to remove any viruses that might have infected your computer
  • Repair your registry entries.

Maintaining your computer isn’t rocket science. It requires only time and your patience. While you might find learning things about your computer, like what is a runtime error r6034 and how to fix it, a hassle, knowing them might just determine how your precious computer could last. With no one there to help you and no idea how to deal with it, what are you going to do when, for example, the dreaded ‘blue screen of death like Critical Process Died appears on the screen?

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    Run time error will be show when any software install like C, C++ who are not support on windows 7 just like that user always think software not support ..but thanks for solution threw this artical ..Jigar

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